Q: I can't log in!

A: Please check that you have activated your account. You should have received an account activation email when you were accepted as a stockist, so please check your inbox (and your junk). Please just click on the "activate your account" button in that email to set your password, then you can login and order. Please note: If you haven’t yet set your password via this “activate your account” button you won’t be able to login.


Q: My account activation email has expired!

A: Unfortunately these expire after a little while but not a problem, please email us at hello@foxandfallow.com.au and we'll send you a new one.


Q: My password's not working! The password reset says I have no account?

A: Firstly, please double check that you're logging in to our wholesale website (not our retail website foxandfallow.com.au). If you're on the correct site and your password's still not working, please reset your password by clicking the "reset your password" button. If you're still having problems logging in feel free to email us at hello@foxandfallow.com.au and we can send you a password reset email or check what email address is attached to your account.


Q: I can't remember my login details?

A: Feel free to email us at hello@foxandfallow.com.au and we can send you a password reset email and/or check what email address is attached to your account.


Q: Do I enter "1" or "6" in the quantity box?

A: Please enter the exact quantity you require (please refer to the minimum order quantity in the product name). So if you enter "1" in the quantity box you will only receive 1 piece.


Q: I ordered the wrong quantity - please help!

A: If you have made a mistake with your order and you require a different quantity, you should be able to edit your order later via your Account page (click the little person icon next to the cart icon on the top right corner of your page). If you have any problems adjusting your order please email us at hello@foxandfallow.com.au and we can adjust your order before it is packed and shipped.


Q: Do you postcode protect?

A: Yes we can, but we do just ask that our stockists place an order every three months (or four orders per year) and meet a yearly order spend for postcode protection. If you would like to inquire about protecting your postcode, please email us at hello@foxandfallow.com.au.


Q: Do you offer 30-Day Accounts?

A: We definitely do, but we do ask for pro-forma terms for your first few orders. Net 30 terms are only extended to our partners with great credit history and references. No orders for accounts with a balance due will be shipped until all outstanding amounts have been made. Late payments will incur a late fee of 10% per month.


Q: Do you barcode your products?

A: Our products don't have barcodes, but we can add barcoded stickers (with products names and pricing) if required. Please email us at hello@foxandfallow.com.au if you require our stock to be barcoded.


Q: Do you have displays for your products?

A: We sure do! We have a small, but growing, range of displays in the "Displays" section of our website. They're designed to fit our products perfectly and they are for sale not hire, which means they're yours to keep.