Forever & Always Prompted Wedding Guest Book - SECONDS

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These are seconds items and include some imperfections. While we’d love to only sell perfect stock, the reality of the production process (and transportation, packing and whatnot) means that sometimes things aren’t perfect or get a bit roughed-up along the way. We are conscious of the environmental impact of sourcing materials and the production processes, so we don’t want these items to go to waste due to (mostly) minor imperfections.

We hope you can love these imperfect items - your bank account certainly will.

By purchasing this product you accept the product imperfections as is, and unfortunately we cannot accept returns on these items.

$40 – In this price category, you may encounter one or two of the following imperfections: minor scuff marks on the exterior cover or interior pages, minor creasing, slight colour issue, a twist in the elastic, or other minor imperfections of a similar degree.

$30 – In this price category, you can expect a few of the following imperfections: some scuff marks on the exterior cover and/or internal pages, some creased pages, slight bending/warping of the hard cover, indentations, slight pulls in fabric cover, minor pen/ink mark, slight issues with foil printing or other imperfections of a similar degree.

$20 – In this price category, you can expect a combination of scuff marks on exterior cover and internal pages, creasing of pages, warping of exterior cover, foil issues, or other imperfections of a similar degree. While some of these sound a bit dodgy, we’ve been ruthless with our quality assurance, and they really aren’t that bad – we just want to let you know what you could be in for. These imperfections don’t impact the function of the products.

$10 - In this price category you can expect a combination of the aforementioned imperfections, to a more noticeable degree.

A fun new Prompted Wedding Guest Book with quirky questions for your guests on every other page (prompt pages alternate with blank photo pages).

Questions include:

About us:
How did we meet?
How long have we known each other?

What is one piece of marriage advice you can give us?
What should we do every day now that we are a married couple?
Now we’re married, how do we keep the fire burning?
What’s one thing now as a married couple we should avoid at all costs?
How should we spend our first anniversary?
What is your best advice for raising a family?

Spill it...
What were your first thoughts when you met the bride?
What were your first thoughts when you met the groom?
Do you think the groom is punching above his weight?
Do you have a secret nickname for either (or both) of us?
Any embarrassing moments that you remember about us?
Now we’re married, is there anything we should know about each other?

Memorable moments:
What will you remember most about our wedding day?

How many kids do you think we’ll have?
Girls:   Boys:
Where do you see us in 10 years time?


290 x 200mm / 11.4 x 7.8". Gold foil stamped white waterproof linen hard cover, grosgrain ribbon, lay-flat binding. Patterned gold foil end pages and premium 115gsm FSC-certified acid-free paper. 80 question and 80 blank pages with metallic gold ink. Packaged in a cello sleeve. Designed in Australia, printed in China..